Sunday, November 18, 2007

from box to ox

Here I am as a young interior designer (exhibit A). Already, one can see my enthusiasm for color and arrangement!

Flash forward...(exhibit B). This is the first mural I painted in my 1898 house and it's a copy of one of the first cave paintings made by the Ancients in Lascaux, France.

Oh yeah, I made this skirt, too.


Shawn said...

Stumbled on your Plush site yesterday. Can't even remember where from but absolutely LOVE your site. Those ottoman boxes are GORGEOUS! You are so incredibly talented. The mural is amazing and love the photo of you in the box. Too cute. :) So glad to have found your site and blog. :)

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

so cute! I made my first dollhouse out of a box, sewed curtains for it, made furniture. You can always see it when you're little...just where you might be headed.
I'm so glad you listened and that you're sharing here on your blog!

pumpkinfarm said...

I just stumbled upon your site today while doing research for an Art History paper. I am doing it on the very caves that you happened to paint in your home. LOVE IT! You are very talented and it must be amazing to have that work of art in your home. I just did a cultural painting for my art class to donate to the school and I did a cave painting.